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In January 2021 I decided to switch to a plant-based diet, permanently. After 47 years of unquestioning meat and dairy eating. This is the conversation in my head that led to that change. It might just help you make yours.

So what’s going on fella?

Sheesh. Feels big. I think I want to be vegan. Well, at least to change to a plant-based diet. I think I want to do it permanently, which is taking me totally by surprise and a little bit freaking me out. I didn’t expect this to happen. I mean, a month ago I wouldn’t have…

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

I’ve sustained myself on a plant-based diet for four months now. I’m not sure who is more surprised by that, my brothers (who are delighted that they’ll get all the Yorkshire puddings as well as the beef next time we get together) or me (who didn’t plan for this at all).

For a little background, I have eaten animal products all of my life. And thoroughly relished them. One of the foods I remember enjoying most was a cured meat from Italy that was 90% pig fat. …

I remember exactly where I was when I first heard of Frederic Laloux, author of the ground-breaking Reinventing Organizations. I was in a lecture hall at INSEAD Business School participating in a seminar on progressive companies. I was instantly inspired.

Within hours I was in the bookshop picking up a copy. Within a week I had read it, cover-to-cover, and was telling everyone who would listen that I had seen the light.

The case-studies and concepts in that book have quite literally changed my life, changed the way I see the world and changed the way I behave as a…

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Tolerance is a quality we are taught to admire. Where I live, in England, it is a quality we pride ourselves in. We pat ourselves on the back for creating (or trying to create) a tolerant society.

I was brought up in the Church of England, where an attitude of tolerance was often discussed. We were taught to be tolerant of differences, be they of race, class, nationality or anything else that marked people out as different.

For the first half of my life I tried to live that way too. …

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Have you noticed that the current global pandemic has tested our faith in everything? Nothing seems quite as certain as it did now, does it?

Personally I don’t have a religious or or spiritual faith. Perhaps you do? But whatever your lens on the world, I am sure that there are beliefs we have in common. Things we put our faith in. For example, we have faith that:

  • our governments can keep us safe.
  • our friends will stay healthy.
  • our families will always be together in times of trouble.
  • our employers will keep being able to pay us.
  • our doctors…

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You know the feeling. One Zoom call bumps into the next Teams call which bleeds into a Google hangout and before you know it you’re frazzled, tired and losing yourself. Of course you should have a break. You know you it isn’t good for your wellbeing. But the calls keep coming and it feels relentless.

It would be lovely if there was a universal discipline and etiquette that allowed us to take a step back from all of this. That’s not always easy to say to a client or a customer or your manager though, is it?

But there is…

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Recently I wrote a short article about how to deal with difficult people. It was well received. You might find it helpful.

But every since I wrote it, it has bothered me. Something about it didn’t feel right. It had a touch of the parent-child perspective about it. After all, who am I to decide that you are difficult? Perhaps I was bothered because it was written from a modern, managerialist perspective? Something I always try to avoid.

This morning I was reading the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. This ancient, enigmatic text is a great source of wisdom…

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I was sat with my morning coffee last week, enjoying the quiet and reading “Born to Run”, Bruce Springsteen’s remarkable, heartfelt memoir, when this sentence stopped me in my tracks:

“We are one short breath of night and day, then dirt and stars, but we’re holding the new morning.”

He was writing, beautifully, movingly about the birth of his son, Evan James Springsteen, but what struck me was the wider point about our place in time. It is indeed a short breath that we have in this conscious world, but what a wonder that we can bring forward life, more…

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Ever had to give some difficult feedback to a colleague or a member of staff? Maybe their negativity in meetings is dispiriting for everyone. Or maybe they are saying inappropriate things.

It’s never easy to broach these kinds of issues. Do it clumsily and you might make the situation much worse and cause more upset along the way. But if you don’t do it at all, you can watch morale slip away.

BOFF stands for Behaviour, Outcomes, Feelings, Future and it is a brilliant way to deliver difficult feedback in a way that makes sure the person hears it, while…

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In the early days of Amazon, so the story goes, Jeff Bezos introduced the two-pizza rule. The idea was that no team should ever grow larger than can be fed by two pizzas. In practice that is about eight people.

Across the Atlantic, progressive healthcare organisation Buurtzorg has built a 15,000 strong workforce of teams that rarely grow larger than ten members. Using this method they have developed one of the most efficient organisations in the world, that also delivers the best outcomes and happiest workers.

It turns out that there is some serious science behind this way of thinking…

Hippy In A Suit

Stephen Mortimer-Lock is a health service director from the UK. He writes about using ancient wisdom and progressive ideas to make work better for everyone.

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